Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gingerbread and the Amazing Date!

This year we started a new tradition and it was SO much fun! We went to my dad's sisters house for dinner and then we had a gingerbread contest. It was fun see everyone get so in to it, and watch how creative everyone was with a package of graham crackers, white frosting and candy!
Here is Dad and Connor. It looks like they were building a Stake Center :)

Here is Kylee and Skylar with their Gingerbread Washington Monument! It was definitely the tallest gingerbread house I've ever seen!
(who thinks of this stuff! haha!)
This is my dad's sister Angie and her husband Brian. Theirs was definitely the most precise gingerbread house!

Here is the winner of the night - the log cabin! Apparently me and Luke aren't very creative so we just covered the graham crackers in pretzels and called it good!

Here's Grandma Stephie with Tysers! She was the designated babysitter of the night and loved every minute of it!

Here's Brock and Whit with their cottage that had GIANT Christmas lights on it. So funny!

And here we have the Judges! Levi was the judge and Braylee was the judge's assistant!
Love her face :)

Luke's cute sister Cloee is in town from the University of Portland and we decided to set her up with my cute cousin Andrew. And since my family does everything together, we brought the whole clan! We ended up setting Andrews brother up with Cloee's friend Riley and we all went to The Pizza Factory and then played games at our house. It was a fun night!
Glad you're home Clo, we missed you!


  1. We started the ginger bread house tradition last year. It is so much fun. Looks like you guys are doing great and having fun. Merry Christmas

  2. That was a blast, I had so much fun thanks Kenz!!

  3. I love the gingerbread house competition I think i could really get into that!! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun on the date i know CLo did :)!!

  4. Hey guys! I saw your blog through skylar and kylee's. Congrats on getting married - looks like you guys are doing great! I hope you don't mind if I link you to our blog...

  5. So Fun! Hope your Christmas was great!!