Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gingerbread and the Amazing Date!

This year we started a new tradition and it was SO much fun! We went to my dad's sisters house for dinner and then we had a gingerbread contest. It was fun see everyone get so in to it, and watch how creative everyone was with a package of graham crackers, white frosting and candy!
Here is Dad and Connor. It looks like they were building a Stake Center :)

Here is Kylee and Skylar with their Gingerbread Washington Monument! It was definitely the tallest gingerbread house I've ever seen!
(who thinks of this stuff! haha!)
This is my dad's sister Angie and her husband Brian. Theirs was definitely the most precise gingerbread house!

Here is the winner of the night - the log cabin! Apparently me and Luke aren't very creative so we just covered the graham crackers in pretzels and called it good!

Here's Grandma Stephie with Tysers! She was the designated babysitter of the night and loved every minute of it!

Here's Brock and Whit with their cottage that had GIANT Christmas lights on it. So funny!

And here we have the Judges! Levi was the judge and Braylee was the judge's assistant!
Love her face :)

Luke's cute sister Cloee is in town from the University of Portland and we decided to set her up with my cute cousin Andrew. And since my family does everything together, we brought the whole clan! We ended up setting Andrews brother up with Cloee's friend Riley and we all went to The Pizza Factory and then played games at our house. It was a fun night!
Glad you're home Clo, we missed you!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Elder Harris

I have to give a shout out to my brother Cole. I mean, Elder Harris! I am so proud of him! Cole is serving in the Bangkok, Thailand mission and has been out for almost 6 months. Its crazy how time can fly, but stand still at the same time. Cole nailed it on the head when he said "the days feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like days"

He is a good little missionary, and writes home every week. ( if he didn't Mom would still find a way to get the latest scoop!) His letters are the highlight of my week! I can't wait to hear about his crazy adventures. Whether its tracting on the dirt roads of Kalasin, visiting the Cobra Kingdom, or letting monkeys eat his ties.
The day he got his call the was bitter sweet. We were all SO excited for him, and proud of the the decision he made to serve, but it was hard to let him go. The day he got his call was a huge reality check! We finally knew where he was going, and when he was leaving. Lots of tears were shed that day.
Cole finds success in whatever he does. He is determined and driven and that has proven to be a good combination in the mission field. He has already baptized 3 people in a mission that has carried a 2 baptism average. He is learning the language and can communicate with the Thai people. He is such an example to me and I love him so much.

He has been gone for 6 months and everyone in the family is still finding these pictures on their camera. Every time he got a hold of one of our cameras - we were left this beautiful glamor shot! I love finding these pictures!

We love you Cole!! I can't wait to talk to you on Christmas - only 7 weeks bud!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Honeymoon!

So I know this is a little out of order but, I had to post about the honeymoon! We went to San Diego for a week and it was heaven! One of our stops was the San Diego Temple. If you have ever been there you know how amazing this temple is. It pops out of nowhere when you are driving on the freeway, it's awesome!

We tried to get a few shots in front of the temple but it didn't work very well :)

Another stop was Anthony's Fish House. It was so good! This picure is pretty blury but you can still see the ocean out the window. The restaurant was right on the pier in San Diego. We got there just in time to watch the sun set on the water. So fun!

You can't go to Cali and not hit up the Beach and the Swimming Pools. That is where we spent the majority of our time. And we loved every minute! A perfect vacation is the sun, a good lawn chair, a cold diet coke, and my hubby! .... I had all of them on this vaca!

Not sure why, but we look really sunburned in this picture... Haha!

This is the best view ever! Palm trees and blue water!

Of course, we had to hit up the Zoo and Sea World. I don't know if we just aren't Zoo people, but we kinda thought it sucked! It was a really long walk and not much to look at. Oh well...

Sea World on the other hand, was awesome! We went to the Shamu show and Luke made us sit in the "Soak Zone" so we were soaked when we left but it was really fun!

You can't see them very well in the picture but we got to pet the sting rays and they were super slimy it was discusting! We fed them tiny fish and when you would put your hand out in the water they would swim right up to you and eat the fish. It felt like they were going to suck your hand off!

We had so much fun! A vacation after a wedding is the best thing we ever did! We needed it so bad. In fact, i think it's time for another vacation. I wish! :)

Friday, November 6, 2009


Guess who found their camera charger :) Thanks Connor!

So we had a blast on Halloween. My mom always makes her famous Chili and Bread sticks, (so good by the way!) and we watch the kids dress up in their costumes. This year Braylee was Cinderella. She is so dang funny - when ever someone would call her Cinderella, she would say "no, just call me Braylee" She is hilarious!

Tyson was the cutest little pumpkin you've ever seen! Love his face!

My cousin Ashley and her family came over to show off their costumes! So cute!

Then we went over to the Colohan's. We took so long getting there that the kids were tired of their costumes. But I couldn't resist taking a few pictures anyway! How cute is Cruw - post Dalmatian costume!

And of course my cute husband (love his face too!)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why I SUCK at updating!

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know what you're all thinking, but I have a good excuse ... My camera decided it wanted to die on me and I can't post without pictures! But thanks to my cousin Ashley who posted this picture on Facebook we now have an update! So this will have to do until I can find my charger! But don't worry the really good updates are coming :)

This picture was taken at Jeremy and Ashley Alvords baby blessing a couple weeks ago. They just had a darling little baby girl. Congrats guys!

More to come ....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We're Married

We finally did it! Luke and I were engaged the begining of June and we finally tied the knot on September 5th. (I know 3 months doesn't sound like very long, but waiting for the big day feels like an eternity!) The day was PERFECT! We couldn't have asked for anything more. We were married at 1:40 in the Salt Lake Temple.

We had a small dinner that night at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was so much fun! It was exactly how we wanted to spend our wedding day. Our families were so great, and nothing would have happened if it weren't for them. Here are a few pics from the night. It was so much fun! Can we do it all over again?!?